Asbestos Removal Management.

The handling and removal of asbestos is strictly regulated and must be carried out by licensed contractors. Since asbestos may be present in any building built or refurbished before 2000, it is important to have the Asbestos Management Plan in place.

As well as carrying out the surveys required, we can provide a complete management service for removal or encapsulation of asbestos. We can produce a scope of work for contractors, project management for licensed contractors and deal with any issues that arise during remediation works.

With Broadland Group’s expertise and experience you can be confident that you will meet all your legal obligations in asbestos management.

Your legal responsibilities.

If you are responsible for maintenance of non-domestic premises or landlord of domestic premises you have a duty under the Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations 2012, to ensure that any work involving the removal or disturbance of asbestos is properly planned and managed.

Reducing risk by asbestos management.

Over five years we surveyed two million square meters of office areas owned and occupied across the UK by a leading Insurance Company. This was followed by a programme of phased removals and remediation works to reduce the levels of asbestos in the property portfolio to as low as possible.

Our accreditations

Image shows two UKAS logos, one for UKAS Inspection 0295 and UKAS Testing 2630 - both of which Broadland Group is accredited.

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