Bespoke Asbestos training.

Duration: Based on requirements

It may be the case that you or your workforce already has the relevant asbestos training in place to comply with regulation 10 of CAR2012 but you want to go a step further and undertake specialist training in a specific area such as the taking of potentially asbestos-containing samples, the use of PPE/RPE, or managing asbestos in a small business, for example.

It could be the case that none of the training courses commonly available are appropriate for your needs, though you may have to undertake one or more them to comply with Regulation 10.

You may also want something specific with regards to tasks most frequently undertaken by your site operatives, or something to bolster the knowledge of your management team with regards to the many regulations but whatever it is, we can design and deliver it for you in a robust, concise and professional manner. Tell us what you need, we will deliver it.

We aim to be engaging as well as informative and the vast experience of our trainers enables them to add some colour through real-life experiences to what can otherwise be a potentially dry subject.

The course could focus on site operatives and practical elements like drilling into textured coating or removing floor tiles, or it could provide more in-depth information and guidance on legislative requirements with advice on how to implement appropriate measures within your business to comply with the many requirements of CAR 2012, aimed at management staff.

Asbestos Awareness training.

This course involves a presentation on the history of asbestos, relevant legislation, and offers lots of helpful advice for those who may come into contact with asbestos but do not intend to deliberately work with asbestos-containing materials.

Non-licensed Work with Asbestos training.

If you or members of your workforce intend to carry out low-risk, small-scale work with asbestos materials then they must sit this course to comply with Regulation 10 of CAR2012. They will learn the basics of the law surrounding such work, how to use the various pieces of equipment necessary (including PPE and RPE), decontamination procedures, and – crucially – what work they cannot do.

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