Non-licensed Work with Asbestos training.

Duration: 1 day

This course includes both a theory and a practical element and is intended for those who intend to carry out work with asbestos.

Examples of non-licensed work with asbestos include

Cleaning up small quantities of debris

Drilling for the installation of fixtures/fittings

Encapsulation and sealing-in work

Maintenance work involving certain asbestos-containing products

Removal of products such as cement, textured decorative coatings, floor tiles

Short duration workto repair minor damage to AIB

Whether work is non-licensed (or indeed notifiable non-licensed) depends on several factors including the material, the condition, the location and the risk of fibre-release. The training will cover all these aspects and give the attendees the confidence to approach their tasks safely.

Task Specific Training

The practical element of the course can provide useful experience in some of the more common tasks that fall under the category of non-licensed work with asbestos such as:

Drilling holes in textured coating

Removing floor tiles

Clearing up small amounts of cement debris

How to wear PPE/RPE

Bagging waste

Which tasks are covered can be tailored to the needs of those being trained.

Asbestos Awareness training.

This course involves a presentation on the history of asbestos, relevant legislation, and offers lots of helpful advice for those who may come into contact with asbestos but do not intend to deliberately work with asbestos-containing materials.

Bespoke asbestos company training.

It may be the case that you or your workforce already has the relevant asbestos training in place to comply with regulation 10 of CAR2012 but you want to go a step further and undertake specialist training in a specific area such as the taking of potentially asbestos-containing samples, the use of PPE/RPE, or managing asbestos in a small business, for example.

Whatever the need, we can both design and deliver the course.

Our accreditations

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