Asbestos in Gardens

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Beware of Asbestos in Your Spring Garden: Tips for a Safe Garden Makeover

As the days grow longer and warmer, many of us are eager to dive into our spring gardening projects. As you embark on your spring gardening projects, it’s crucial to be aware that asbestos might be lurking in your outdoor spaces. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

  1. Cement Sheeting for Outbuilding Roofs and Fencing: Commonly used for garage and shed roofs, ageing roofs can pose a threat if asbestos-containing cement sheeting is present. Be cautious of plants growing on or near old outbuilding roofs, as disturbing them can release harmful fibres into the air. Call the professionals equipped to handle asbestos removal safely.
  2. Asbestos Bordering: Old asbestos cement roof panels are commonly repurposed as garden borders for compost heaps, raised beds, or temporary fencing. You might even find asbestos sheeting buried in the ground. If you suspect asbestos, avoid disturbing it and seek professional assistance.
  3. Cement Plant Pots: While uncommon in modern homes, concrete-looking pots that could contain asbestos can still be found lurking in the gardens of older properties. Handle them carefully, avoiding any disturbance, and watch out for broken or cracking edges that could release harmful fibres into the air.

Important: Stay safe by avoiding Asbestos UK Gardens

Stay safe while sprucing up your garden this spring by being aware of potential asbestos hazards. When in doubt, consult professionals for assistance, and avoid Asbestos in Gardens.

Call Broadland Group for Asbestos Survey and Removal Services

At Broadland Group, we understand the importance of a safe and healthy environment, especially when it comes to your home and garden. Our team of experts is equipped to handle asbestos surveys, ensuring that your spring garden makeover is free from hazardous materials.

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