Household Asbestos Removal

Asbestos removal can be a complex and hazardous undertaking, one that requires knowledge and experience to manage safely.

Broadland Group can advise on the need for removal of asbestos within your property and where it is the most appropriate course of action can organise the entire process from designing the works, sourcing costs, appointing a contractor and conducting necessary air testing upon completion. We ensure works are done properly, safely and provide value for money for our clients.

If you decide that some asbestos material within your property needs to be removed then Broadland Group can manage that process for you.

There are many, sometimes complex precautions which need to be taken before attempting asbestos removal, some work requires a license from the HSE and should not be attempted by anyone other than a licensed removal contractor. We can identify what is required by law and appoint a contractor on your behalf or put you in direct contact with them if preferred, we can also make sure any appropriate or mandatory air testing is also carried out providing you with assurance that works have been done to the highest possible standards and that you and your family are safe to resume normal life. Waste disposal in line the relevant regulations is also taken of for you.

Our accreditations

Image shows two UKAS logos, one for UKAS Inspection 0295 and UKAS Testing 2630 - both of which Broadland Group is accredited.

Household Asbestos Surveys

As a private homeowner, you may find it beneficial to utilise the services of Broadland Group for an asbestos survey of your property in several scenarios. For instance, if you are considering purchasing a property that you suspect may contain asbestos materials, you may wish to have an asbestos management survey done before making a commitment. Similarly, if you have recently bought a property and plan to renovate or make alterations, it may be appropriate to conduct an asbestos refurbishment survey. Alternatively, you may simply want to ensure that you and your family are protected from asbestos within your home.

Household Asbestos Sampling

Are you concerned that there may be asbestos in your home? Our laboratory, which is accredited by UKAS, is located in Norwich and can analyse any materials for asbestos content. If you are unsure how to take a sample, one of our trained surveyors can safely take the sample for you at your property. Alternatively, you can send a sample to our laboratory for analysis, but please call us beforehand so we can guide you through the necessary safety measures

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