High Risk Environments

Whether it’s surveying, developing asbestos management plans, conducting employee training, or overseeing safe removal when necessary, our consultancy is dedicated to ensuring that your industrial operations meet the stringent CAR 2012 regulations. We prioritise the safety of your workforce and the integrity of your operations, helping you navigate the complexities of asbestos compliance seamlessly.


Allan Dillien, Occupational Safety & Human Factors Lead, Grain LNG

“Grain LNG have successfully worked with the Broadland Group as our specialist consultants for asbestos over a number of years now.  The terminal is a unique mix of old and new infrastructure constructed on top of what was a refinery, consequently we have large areas of potentially contaminated ground that can potentially pose a risk to health during extensive ground disturbance or excavation works.  They work closely with the terminal to provide both technical expertise and advice, but also to ensure that we demonstrate compliance with CAR2012 through our asbestos risk register and management plan – working with us to overcome any issues whilst maintaining their independence and professionalism.”

Maintaining Regulatory Compliance

Maintaining compliance with CAR 2012 (Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012) in high-risk industrial environments is an intricate and often complex task involving in-depth risk assessments and specialist equipment and training. We excel in this arena, understanding the heightened challenges associated with industrial settings. Our Project Managers and consultants work closely with your team to facilitate regular monitoring, staff training, and emergency response procedures to address the dynamic nature of industrial operations. Our commitment is to protecting the well-being of your workforce and preserving the integrity of your operations while adhering to CAR 2012’s stringent regulations.


Image shows two UKAS logos, one for UKAS Inspection 0295 and UKAS Testing 2630 - both of which Broadland Group is accredited.

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