NHS Foundation Trust

West Suffolk Hospital

We advise the Trust on asbestos legislation and how it fits into their Policy and Procedures, ensuring they are following the latest guidance and meeting their legal obligations to the highest standards.

West Suffolk Hospital in Bury St Edmunds is one of a number of ‘Best-Buy’ hospitals all built to the same blueprint in the mid-1970s, using materials which contained asbestos. Since 2015 Broadland Group has been the sole provider of asbestos consultancy services to the Trust, carrying out an initial hospital-wide management survey and an on-going program of refurbishment surveys as the building has been developed and modernised over the last 10 years. 

We work closely with the Estates team to ensure minimal disruption to the staff and patients whilst carrying out our surveys or conducting air testing during asbestos works, which are undertaken by a licensed contractor. Flexibility and communication are key.

The success of our relationship is demonstrated by us retaining the contract into a third framework term and the lack of any asbestos-related incidents on site, despite the complexities involved in maintaining and improving a building where asbestos was used extensively throughout.

Work undertaken

  • Initial management survey of all pre-2000 buildings
  • Annual review of Asbestos Policy & Procedures
  • Ad-hoc refurbishment surveys
  • Air monitoring
  • Emergency response
  • Advice and guidance
  • Asbestos Awareness and Non-licensed Work with Asbestos training

“Broadland continue to provide the Trust with an excellent service with a great deal of professionalism and knowledge. They provide a key part of our Asbestos team and continue to accommodate the challenges our buildings present, whilst always ensuring our staff, patients and visitors are safe at all times.”

Luke Goldfinch, Head of Estates

Our Accreditations

Image shows two UKAS logos, one for UKAS Inspection 0295 and UKAS Testing 2630 - both of which Broadland Group is accredited.

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