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Local Exhaust Ventilation

Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) is a system which extracts air to reduce the risk of workplace operatives inhaling potentially hazardous substances. Systems are required where workers are exposed to dust or fumes; many are supplied as part of work benches or spray booths. 

Systems must be tested to ensure that they are capable of capturing the substance and removing it from the from the danger area. Checks will also be required on the speed of the air stream, on the efficacy and condition of filters and lack of obstructions.

Employees must be adequately trained in the hazards and use of equipment. Records of inspection, testing and maintenance must be kept  for a minimum of five years.

We can make sure you comply with current Health & Safety legislation, advising on requirements, testing equipment and setting up mandatory records.

For further information on our Local Exhaust Ventilation services please contact one of our offices below:

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Effective LEV systems must be provided and tested at least once every 6 or 14 months, depending on the system, to meet the requirements of COSHH 2002 and HSE guidance HSG254.