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Port of Dover

For the past six years, Broadland Group has functioned as an invaluable and independent asbestos consultant, providing essential expertise and guidance to the Dover Harbour Board.

The Port of Dover is one of the busiest maritime passenger ports in the world, covering over 1000 acres of land with a wide variety of properties constructed over several centuries within its demise. Broadland Group has acted as independent asbestos consultant to Dover Harbour Board since 2017 providing advice, guidance, management surveys, annual reinspections, refurbishment surveys and air monitoring of asbestos remediation works.

We work closely with the site management to ensure we meet all the security requirements as well as co-ordinating our activities around what is an extremely busy and complex operation, the objective being maintaining the client’s full compliance with CAR 2012.

Work undertaken

  • Initial management survey of all pre-2000 buildings
  • Annual reinspection of all asbestos materials on site
  • Hosting of client data with portal access
  • Ad-hoc refurbishment surveys
  • Specification of Works for remedial projects
  • Air monitoring
  • Emergency response
  • Advice and guidance

“It has been great working with Broadland Group as an asbestos consultant to ensure that our strict regulations and processes remain one of the most rigid and highly controlled in the industry.“

Mark Coventry, Asbestos Co-ordinator

Our accreditations

Image shows two UKAS logos, one for UKAS Inspection 0295 and UKAS Testing 2630 - both of which Broadland Group is accredited.

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