Broadland Group Secures Prestigious Contract

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Broadland Group Becomes preferred Provider of Non-licensed Asbestos Training for Saint-Gobain Isover.

A Strategic Partnership for Enhanced Safety

In a significant development, Broadland Group has triumphantly secured a contract to become the exclusive provider of Non-licensed Work with Asbestos (including NNLW) training for Saint-Gobain Isover. This partnership, set to unfold in 2024 at Saint-Gobain Isover’s Runcorn facility in Cheshire, marks a pivotal moment for both entities and reinforces Broadland Group’s commitment to setting new benchmarks in asbestos training.

A Triumph in Training Services: Broadland Group’s Latest Endeavour

Broadland Group’s expertise in asbestos management takes a leap forward as it emerges victorious in the bid to provide crucial Non-licensed Work with Asbestos training for Saint-Gobain Isover. This triumph positions Broadland Group as the go-to provider for comprehensive, IATP accredited courses, ensuring that Saint-Gobain Isover’s site staff receive top-tier training to navigate asbestos materials safely.

Navigating Asbestos Safely: A Vital Training Initiative

The contract involves the delivery of Non-licensed Work with Asbestos training, including NNLW, to a substantial number of Saint-Gobain Isover’s site staff. The specialised training equips the workforce with the necessary skills and knowledge to handle specific asbestos materials on-site, fostering a culture of safety and operational efficiency. Broadland Group’s expert trainers, equipped with the latest insights and IATP accreditation, are poised to guide the client’s staff through the intricacies of working safely with asbestos.

“Our collaboration with Saint-Gobain Isover is a testament to our commitment to excellence in asbestos management. We are honoured to be chosen as their trusted training partner, and we look forward to enhancing the safety standards and operational capabilities of their workforce”

Nick Worrall, Operations Manager Broadland Group.

Minimising Disruption: A Win-Win Partnership

Beyond the critical aspect of safety, the collaboration between Broadland Group and Saint-Gobain Isover aims to facilitate operations with the minimum of disruption. By providing comprehensive training that empowers staff to confidently handle asbestos materials, Broadland Group contributes to the seamless continuation of Saint-Gobain Isover’s activities, demonstrating a commitment to both safety and operational efficiency.

Looking Ahead: A Future of Enhanced Safety Standards

As the training sessions are scheduled to commence in 2024, both Broadland Group and Saint-Gobain Isover are optimistic about the positive impact this collaboration will have on their respective objectives. This partnership not only signifies a shared commitment to safety but also sets the stage for future collaborations, underscoring Broadland Group’s reputation as a leading provider of asbestos training services.

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