Asbestos Management at West Suffolk Hospital

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West Suffolk Hospital turned to the expertise of Broadland Group to navigate the complexities of asbestos legislation and ensure the highest standards of safety. Let’s dive into how Broadland Group’s role has contributed to the seamless asbestos management at this distinguished NHS Foundation Trust.

The Challenge:

Constructed in the mid-1970s as part of a network of ‘Best-Buy’ hospitals, West Suffolk Hospital faced the challenge of asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) lurking in its structures. Broadland Group have provided asbestos consultancy services to the Trust since 2015.

Services carried out:

  1. Initial Management Survey: Broadland Group conducted a comprehensive hospital-wide management survey, dissecting pre-2000 buildings to pinpoint ACMs. The outcome was an effective management plan ensuring the ongoing safety of the premises.
  2. Policy and Procedure Review: An annual review of Asbestos Policy & Procedures became a cornerstone of compliance, ensuring that the Trust’s practices aligned with the latest legislation and industry best practices.
  3. Refurbishment Surveys: Ad-hoc refurbishment surveys have been crucial to supporting the Trust’s evolution. Broadland Group ensures that as the hospital modernises, asbestos risks are expertly managed during construction projects.
  4. Air Monitoring and Emergency Response: Broadland Group’s commitment to safety extends to comprehensive air monitoring during asbestos works. In emergencies, their swift and effective response measures contribute to maintaining a secure environment.
  5. Advice, Guidance, and Training: Serving as trusted advisors, Broadland Group provides invaluable advice and guidance to the Estates team, fostering a culture of safety and compliance. Furthermore, they equip staff with Asbestos Awareness and Non-licensed Work with Asbestos training, enhancing the hospital’s internal capabilities.

Success and Impact:

Broadland Group’s partnership with West Suffolk Hospital has proven highly successful, reflected in the retention of the contract into a third framework term. Most notably, the absence of any asbestos-related incidents on-site underscores the effectiveness of their approach. Despite the challenges posed by extensive asbestos use, the Trust maintains a secure environment for all stakeholders.

In the dynamic realm of healthcare, where safety is paramount, Broadland Group’s commitment to excellence has left an impressionable mark. Through their comprehensive services, effective communication, and unwavering prioritisation of safety, Broadland Group has not only ensured that West Suffolk Hospital meets its legal obligations but has also safeguarded the well-being of all within its walls.

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