10 Common Areas Asbestos Could Be Hiding in Your Home

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Embarking on a self-renovation project this year?

Ensure you are well-informed about potential asbestos locations in your home. Homes built before 2000 can contain asbestos, and those older than 1980 are more likely to contain asbestos in various materials, as Asbestos was commonly used in construction before its health risks were fully understood. Disturbing asbestos-containing materials can release harmful fibres into the air so it is essential to understand what to look for, and to call in the experts.

A little extra effort in research and professional consultation can go a long way in ensuring a safe and successful renovation.

Potential Asbestos Hotspots:

  1. Floor Tiles: Marley tiles are common in houses built before 1980 and although considered to be low risk Asbestos, broken tiles can be dangerous. If in doubt, request an Asbestos Survey
  2. Garage and Shed Roofs: Asbestos cement was once popular building material but is now widely known for its hazardous properties when broken and particles are airborne. It is an extremely common area to find Asbestos, so make sure you do your research for safe removal and disposal.
  3. Eaves, Gutters, and Rainwater Fall Pipes: A hot spot for Asbestos, – get these exterior areas checked for asbestos soffits, fascia’s, pipes, and guttering.
  4. Central Heating Flues: Asbestos flue pipes were common before the 1990s due to their fire resistant and durable properties. Asbestos flue pipes are characterised by their fibrous white/grey appearance. Check before removing old boilers/pipework.
  5. Linings for Walls, Ceilings, and Doors: Asbestos insulating board was commonly used for insulating against fire, heat, and sound so can be found lurking in lining of walls, ceilings, and doors.
  6. Ceiling Finishes: Textured ceilings such as ‘Artex’ are a common area containing Asbestos. An Asbestos Survey would determine if asbestos is present before you start any DIY repairs.
  7. Toilet cisterns: black resin cisterns such as those badged ‘Shires Lynx’ can contain asbestos and should be treated with due care
  8. Bath Panels: Less common area for Asbestos nowadays but might be present in older panel materials so beware in older properties with original bathroom suites.
  9. Insulation Panels in Storage Heaters: Areas to inspect closely before replacing storage heaters.
  10. Fire blankets: Old fire blankets in older properties are a common area to find asbestos. If in doubt, leave it for the professionals.

What to Do if You Find Asbestos

  1. Leave it Alone: Avoid disturbing any suspected asbestos materials and releasing the particles into the air.
  2. Call a UKAS Accredited Asbestos Surveyor: Schedule a comprehensive survey of your property to assess the extent and condition of asbestos-containing materials.

If you’re uncertain about asbestos in your home, taking these precautions can help protect you and your family. Call one of our friendly experts today on 01603 251775.

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