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Control of Substances Hazardous to Health

Substances are classified as ‘Hazardous’ if they have the potential to cause ill effects when inhaled, absorbed or ingested. They may be dust, fumes, vapours, gases and biological agents.

If you are responsible for a workplace, you will need to be aware of hazards, levels and routes of exposure and identify appropriate control measures.  You may need to provide exhaust systems, protective clothing, eye protection or respirators and suitable training. In some instances you will need to keep records of your actions.

Employers are required to prevent or control the exposure of their employees to any risks. Our consultants can ensure that you meet your legal obligations and provide a safe workplace.

We undertake comprehensive surveys of premises to identify potential sources of hazards, levels and routes of exposure and analyse the processes in use. We can review control procedures, make recommendations for further reduction of exposure, advise on respiratory and personal protection equipment and set up the mandatory records of effectiveness of controls and potential impact on employee health.

You can find out which substances fall within the regulations and the regulated exposure limits in HSE publication EH40 or at the HSE website. For more information on exhaust systems see Local Exhaust Ventilation.

Broadland Group can also provide training for managers and operatives, including bespoke courses for particular industries.

For further infomation on our Control of Substances Hazardous to Health services please contact one of our offices below:

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The use of hazardous substances in the workplace are covered by the COSHH Regulations 2002. Owners and managers are responsible for identifying substances, controlling their use and keeping full records. Failure to manage can result in health insurance claims and may invalidate insurance. Breaches can result in criminal proceedings.