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Building Health Management

In recent years a variety of environmental issues have been reported as causing problems to employee health or productivity under the heading of ‘Sick Building Syndrome'.

Employees may complain of dryness, sore throats, skin rashes, nausea or headaches. Higher absenteeism may be recorded due to minor illnesses or lower productivity. A number – or combination – of causes may be involved. Closed ventilation or air conditioning systems or inappropriate lighting can cause problems. Airborne chemicals from floor coverings and fabrics, as well as moulds caused by water ingress can give rise to low levels of toxins in the air.

If problems are suspected, a survey to isolate potential causes of problems is a useful first response to employee complaints and can lead to improvements which will avoid a problem escalating. With wide experience of environmental issues, our consultants can analyse the problem, carry out the required tests, identify problem areas and advise corrective action.

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There are no specific regulations regarding Sick Building Syndrome, although HSE guidance is available. However there is a general duty of care to all building users. An improved environment and avoiding future problems is a worthwhile investment.