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Non Licensed Training Course - Duration 1 Day

Purpose of the Course

  • To make delegates aware of the scope and purpose of non licensable works
  • To make delegates aware of safe working practices/procedures for non licensable works and prevent un-necessary exposure to themselves
  • To prevent exposure to asbestos 

Course Content non-licensable training

  • The scope of non-licensable works and basic introduction to applicable guidance.
  • Risk assessments and method statements
  • Control limit and the importance of air monitoring
  • RPE and PPE: safe use and maintenance
  • Safe work practices and minimising exposure – control measures
  • Hygiene requirements & decontamination procedures.
  • Waste handling procedures
  • Air monitoring and validation
  • Emergency procedures
  • Non asbestos work hazards
  • Practical training use of Respiratory Protection Equipment, Personal Protective Equipment, Use of H Type Vacuum Cleaner and Bagging Up of Waste Material

Task Specific Training

Based Upon Clients' On-Site Tasks and Activities

  • i.e. Drilling Holes in Textured Coating or Cement
  • Removal of 1m2 of Textured Coatings
  • Removing Whole Cement Sheets
  • Removing Flash Guards
  • Other tasks will be incorporated depending upon delegates work requirements and training needs assessment

Practical Exercise

  • Drilling Holes with different method of dust suppression techniques
  • Removing Floor Tiles
  • Removing Cement Sheeting