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Legionella Management Training - Full Day Course

Course Duration one day including HSE Videos & Other Related Videos

Legionella in Hot & Cold Water Systems providing awareness of the Hazard, Risks, Control Measures and Record Keeping Requirements.  It is to provide building managers and those tasked with duties to undertake compliance testing with knowledge of the requirements of L8 Legionnaires Disease The control of Legionella bacteria in water systems.

It gives the delegate an understanding of the hazards and risk factors that affect the proliferation of Legionella bacteria, provides details of the risk assessment process.  It covers the requirements of control measures required to minimise risk. Provides details of the practical requirements to manage hot & cold water systems including the Scheme of Control, Log Books, Risk Minimisation, Duty Holders & Responsible Person, System Management Procedures, Microbiological Sampling, and Water Treatment.

Course Content

  • Introduction
  • Legislation overview
  • Compliance with the legislation
  • Risk Assessment
  • HSL Review of HSE Investigated Outbreaks
  • Responsibilities
  • Practical approach to risk minimisation
  • Record keeping
  • L8 Revised ACOP Dec 2013
  • HSG 274 Part 2 Hot & Cold Water Systems
  • HSG 274 Part 3 Other Water Systems
  • Legionella Management System Audit