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Asbestos Management Course Overview - Full Day Course

The duty to manage asbestos is placed on the person or organisation that has the main responsibility for maintenance or repair of non-domestic premises and the common parts of domestic premises. The duty holder can be the owner, occupier, landlord, managing agent or the tenant. The duty holder must manage the risks from asbestos on there premises. An asbestos survey is the starting point it is not effective management. A plan must be prepared to show the locations, how it will be managed and to prevent exposure, communicated to those who may be at risk both staff and contractors. The plan must be implemented, reviewed and updated regularly and communicated to all those who may be affected.

Purpose of the Course

  • Provide an overview of Regulation 4 The Duty Manage Asbestos
  • Key Elements to Manage Asbestos Containing Materials
  • Overview of Asbestos Management Plan/Implementation Procedures/Contractor Control
  • Evaluation of Consultants and Removal Contractors

Course Content asbestos awareness

  • Asbestos Overview
  • Legislation –Regulations/ACOP’s/Guidance – Proposed Changes
  • Duty To Manage
  • HSE DVD How are You Managing
  • Survey Types
  • Risk Assessment Algorithms
  • Asbestos Management Plan
  • Implementation Procedures
  • Evaluation of Consultants
  • Evaluation of Asbestos Contractor
  • Site Management of Non Asbestos Contractors
  • Removal Works – Method Statements/Risk Assessment
  • Review and discussion of ACM Reports for your Property Portfolio
  • Open Discussion