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New deadlines proposed for asbestos removal – again

The all-party Parliamentary Group on Occupational Health and Safety is calling for a new asbestos eradication law, with the aim of seeing asbestos removed from all rented homes, businesses and public buildings by 2035. Although it is 16 years since asbestos was banned from new construction to is still found in hundreds of thousands of workplaces as well as a majority of schools.

New Asbestos Analysts Guide for consultation

The latest edition of Asbestos: The Analysts’ Guide 2016 has been release in draft by the HSE for consultation among relevant professionals.  Responses are required by 20 November 2015.

This is a revised version of the guide last published in 2005.  A revision is timely because of the many legislative and technical changes that have occurred since the previous version was issued.

Management of Asbestos-Containing Materials (ACMs)

Large amounts of asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) were used for a wide range of construction purposes in new and refurbished buildings until 1999 when all use of asbestos was banned. This extensive use means that there are still many buildings in Great Britain which contain asbestos. Where asbestos materials are in good condition and unlikely to be disturbed they do not present a risk.